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Left To The Wolves Left To The Wolves

Rated 5 / 5 stars

isnt this in the god of war 3 trailer?

either way this is professional quality stuff

Devastus responds:

Well, nope, it's fairly different. BUT. I did "take" influences from it, certainly. I had watched that trailer a couple times (damn it's just so epic!) probably a month before making this, so alot of the inspiration came from there, no doubt, mainly the way of use with strings. Good observation :P

And thanks for the compliment, I had been working my ass off to get this sound like a professional tune :P

Aggressive Theme Aggressive Theme

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Love the guitar work, Especially like the tap muting or whatever its call
Drums stand out great,

Im THinking about using this in my game "Remnant of Dawn"
a semi 3D Shooter with duck and cover elements like Gears Of War.

Id Actually would love to have you compose more stuff for this game specifically
If youre interested. Please respong

again great work

dirtydigital responds:

You can definitely use this if you still need to or anything else in your game, sorry for the late late response, I have become less and less active on newgrounds....I can make new music in september I am travelling all of august.